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Let me tell you my story

 Tereza. Mum of 4 amazing kids. A Czech girl living for the past, more than 20 years on this Greek island of Corfu

 About Me... 

The sun was slowly drowning in the endless sea. It was huge, orange-red, and somehow slowly merged with the fairly calm sea level. She stood there, the water barely ankle, the sea rustled its song and the beautiful velvety warm water of the august sea was washing her toes… She watched with bated breath as the sun set and the sea seemed to swallow him slowly… With the children when they were small, and used to say: "and then the sea just ate the sun…" She remembered it and laughed out loud.

In the many years she has lived on the island, she has seen so many sunsets over the sea. She loves them. Every one of them is unique, different, everyone smells different and even has a different color. Some are happy, others tired, but there were also many sad… hopeless… but then also those who brought hope. In fact, they always bring hope: The certainty that the sun will rise again in the morning...

She stood there waiting until the sun disappeared into the endless ocean. She felt incredible gratitude in her whole body, every cell. For the life she has. For a healthy body and for an armful of happiness. For the place where she lives. For every second of the way of life she creates for herself. Gratitude and happiness vibrated in her whole soul.

Because it wasn't always like that. Because no path starts at the top, and no path is just straight. And she always chose the most difficult path, the most winding, with the most turns, dips, and dangerous cliffs…

The girl who grew up and loved Prague. A golden hair young girl, falling asleep to the sound of the clinking of trams, spent every weekend and all the holidays in her beloved cottage at the foot of the Jizera Mountains ... she suddenly rushed to her home on a small island of the Ionian Sea...Corfu


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